• Joanna Campbell

Instructions for the Working Day: first edition

The hardback first edition of Instructions for the Working Day has arrived and looks beautiful, thanks to superlative publisher, Fairlight Books, and brilliant cover designer @jack_flag

I miss writing it very much. I would gladly go back in time to the morning I first imagined the main characters and set out the initial plan, but it is simply wonderful to hold the book in my hands.

Instructions for the Working Day is about property developer, Neil Fischer, who travels from England to restore a dilapidated village in the former East Germany. An unsettling atmosphere of hostility overshadows the project, while a series of surreal encounters disturb the dark memories of his troubled upbringing.

When people are lost in the debris of their past, the only way to negotiate a safe route through the wreckage is to heed the warning signs, the only way to move on is to cast off the burden of guilt, and the only way to be free is to never look back.

Instructions for the Working Day is now available to pre-order.

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